Product Supply

As a result of our strong business partnerships that have been going on for years, we work with many domestic and foreign companies, and we supply the desired brands and products from our supplier companies in line with the demands of our customers. We deliver to you by following the entire customs and shipping process.

Main sectors we serve in Product Supply:

  • Decorative items – Turkish traditional handycrafts
  • Iron and Steel
  • Electric Equipments, generators and alternators
  • Electric and Lighting
  • Industrial and Mining
  • Energy
  • Home Decoration
  • Home textile blankets, sheets, towels, carpet
  • Food
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Construction Equipments
  • Mineral Oils
  • Machine
  • Medical
  • Marble and Natural Stone
  • Furniture
  • Auomative Industry and sare parts
  • Agriculte (Agricultural Machinery)
  • Textile Industry

If you send your requests outside of these sectors, we solve the product supply processes with our contracted companies in other sectors.

Please contact us for your requests.

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